Kick Off 2 – Online

Kick Off 2 Online is a project which brings the classic 90s Amiga fun directly to your internet-enabled Windows machine.

It is currently in private beta, but all you need is…

A PC or laptop running Windows

A Joystick, Gamepad or Keyboard

The installer HERE

A beta key. Ask in the discord HERE

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Looks a very cool project, why not running directly in the browser via ecmascript ? Atari emulator has been already ported to work on js or other game like IK+ 🙂

I don’t have any experience with browser games, but I assume that there would be difficulties getting direct peer to peer UDP messaging working well, among other technical hurdles like joystick detection and speed performance in general. A native windows application using a familiar game engine and C# is the quicker route for me.

hello good evening, i’m new, a friend has told me about your website but the invitation to join discord does not work

The discord link appears to work ok here. I’ve emailed you privately – hopefully we can work together to understand the problem you see.

The avatar comes from automatically.
Maybe that’s the face of a previous owner of your email address?

Hallo , ist das spiel noch Online fähig?
Ich bekommen irgendwie keine verbindung zum Server
Time Out ect

Ja, der Server läuft einwandfrei. Versuchen Sie möglicherweise eine Neuinstallation, wenn Sie Probleme haben. Versuchen Sie auch, Antivirus vorübergehend zu deaktivieren

hi, im an anonymous man. would be great to add the extra time and penalti option and additional K option “Your First vs your second kit”
this game is great!!! play it!

Yes, it *should* work on a full updated Windows 7 PC. If you experience any problems, please report them.

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